My name is Clairissa Elizabeth Dailey. I write about Faith, Lifestyle, and Vogue (fashion). Serving others, fashion, health, and horseback riding are my biggest passions in life and I have finally decided to combine all of them and more, and write this blog. I have always loved writing and had so many thoughts and opinions that I believed would be useful to others on the topics of faith, fitness, traveling, fashion, beauty, and more. This is meant to be a place of encouragement as I write about overcoming my obstacles, community where we know we are never alone, and fun in seeking out adventures. I hope you will join me!


I thought about starting a blog for years, and as I saw more successful blogger, I was encouraged to truly make a plan and design it seriously. After starting a few sites and trying to find the right name, I finally settled on clairissadailey…for about 1 year, but I was also not regularly posting then either. I decided to redo the site and also change the name as neither my first nor last name are spelled in the most common way. When people went to find my blog, it would always get lost in translation…which leads us to today! CEFLV: Clairissa Elizabeth - Faith, Lifestyle, Vogue.


I am from around Louisville, KY and currently 22. I grew up in a Christian home and went to a private Christian grade school, which is where my faith comes from. Horseback riding also comes from my family, specifically my mom. I was on the back of a horse since before I could walk and have loved riding ever since. I have ridden most disciplines, but I currently do dressage and show jumping as it is my favorite. I have always been decently healthy and loved working out, in fact I feel terrible if I go a day without at least a run. And as for fashion, anyone close to me could tell you that I’m obsessed. It is like I have two sides to me in fashion and other aspects of life. I love trendy, studs, and edgy black and gold outfits, but I also love preppy, pearls, and classy all black outfits. Audrey Hepburn is by far one of my favorite celebrities, but I also grew up with a brother and our favorite movie was The Italian Job growing up. I can be very open-minded which is maybe why I love art.


I have always loved fashion. Since I could talk the only places I have ever wanted to go were New York and Paris. Since I could walk all I wanted to do was wear high heels. I have always had a taste for the finer things, like the rest of my family… But as I have gotten older and wiser, I understand and see fashion much more differently…and I am now much more in love. These high fashion name brands are not just expensive clothes and shoes and bags, they are truly pieces of artwork carefully designed by a creative director and crafted by experienced tailors. If you step one foot in the industry and meet the people, you will see the love and passion that everyone has. You will see that most people do not care about the money or amount of items made, but when you get into couture and the Met Ball, it is exquisite masterpieces that are made, and the people of the industry are so proud to show, wear, or sell the pieces. Of course, it is not everyone’s cup of tea just as if not everyone would care to see the Mona Lisa. But this is why fashion matters to us and why it should at least be respected.